History of Clearwater
Part Eleven


Local Citizens Welcomed Troops Bound for Combat

As the 75th anniversary of the Fort Harrison approaches, Freedom Magazine (published by the Church of Scientology) is pleased to re-introduce its continuing series on the History of Clearwater. We begin, where Part Ten of the series left off, with the citizens of Clearwater playing host to the young men who served their country bravely in World War II.

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Soldiers from all over the U.S. came to Clearwater to ready themselves for the rigors of battle (right). The Fort Harrison was one of several local hotels at the time (left) that was converted to house the troops.

ince the late 1880s Clearwater has been known as a superlative host for people who come from all over the world to partake in its beautiful weather, enviable beaches and healthy air. At perhaps no time was this more evident than during the dark years of the Second World War.

Starting in 1942, before being shipped either to the European theater or the expanse of the South Pacific, soldiers from all over the United States came to Clearwater to ready themselves for the rigors of battle.

Though the war cast a dark pall over the world, and the soldiers who came to our city lived in the uncertainty of whether they would ever see their loved ones again, the citizens of Clearwater were bound and determined that the nation’s fighting men would enjoy their stay in the Springtime City.

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